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There is Order to the Universe

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Friday on my way home from the office I stopped at a newly decorated space / bar.  All of the bartenders were dressed like newspaper boys from the 20’s.  You know, berets, suspenders with white shirts.  It was truly adorable – when I asked for a drink rather than hearing “On the rocks?” I expected to hear, “Get your free paper.  Read all about it!”  So cute.  Rickhouse bartenders

Speaking of which, you may be wondering what I’m doing prancing around drinking upon the news that I may have pancreatitis.  It is rather a curious thing.  But I feel that I was meant to frequent this establishment and meet someone there, but I’ll tell you about that in a minute. The miraculous thing is that I drank past my pancreatitis – even still being in a fair amount of pain.  One of the crazier things I’ve done, no doubt.  The strangest thing though – I woke up the next morning, with zero pain.  Pancreatitis gone.  I went from about a 6.5 on the 1-10 scale of pain to a zero and in an aftermath of drinking nonetheless.  WTF.  I certainly am not suggesting anyone try this at home.

I met the most interesting chap who could prove to be a great business connection in the music/movie world.  Turns out he is shopping around a new music documentary starring a couple of very prominent artists.  I’m not easily impressed so I was hardly struck by Groupie Coma, but had the Most interesting conversation. He asked if I would be working together on some soundtracks or singing/film projects in the future.  (And yes, this is Phase 2 of my drunkenness – Phase 1 I”m highly entertaining and ‘fun’, Phase 2 I start singing.  So was most definitely showing my stuff in a public place.  Lovely.

I have absolute belief that thought precedes physical form and I have recently started manifesting that I am living bi-coastal in LA and NY.  Soonafter I meet a very prominent director and president and founder of a movie studio.  I no longer am surprised by such ‘coincidences’ or order to the universe.  I expect it.   And my pancreatitis is gone so I must be doing something right!  🙂


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  1. The Power of Positive Drinking in action.


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