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AA, Berets and Michael Moore

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I hope the carb and ‘I Am So Over It’ blog didn’t offend anyone – I noticed a sharp decline in readership in the aftermath of that.  It doesn’t really matter though – at the end of the day, this isn’t about me.

Lest anyone think a blog is masturbatory, especially one that appears to be a ‘diary’ or a shamelessly autobiograhpical one, I am actually documenting this because I know I’m on the cusp of a change and I’m hoping to record all of it (the struggles, the setbacks, and the victories) so as to inspire other people.  So again, this is not about me, it’s about hopefully helping someone through my pain and struggle.

So I have 3 things to discuss today.  First AA.  I went to a coffee shop last night to meet my friend who was going to take me to a meeting with her.  It was a Shakespearean (*@#& Tragedy.  Basically, I showed up at the right coffeehouse (chain) in the wrong neighbourhood.  Of course, I’m sitting there thinking I had been abandoned/let down (ever see that Curb Your Enthusiasm episode when Cheryl and Larry thought they were abandoned by their friends for a Paul Simon concert but it was all a big misunderstanding?  It was like that.  Anyway, the thought of being thrown a life raft and then, by perception the person took the life raft back and said, ‘Psyche!’ made me drink in self-pity, which led me to a binge which led me to losing my purse with Everything in It.  I could begin to think God hates me, except that since I am the only person responsible for everything that happens to me that would just be whining and playing victim – while tempting, I’m not gonna do.  So that’s that – as if losing my job wasn’t enough, God is trying to wake me up by losing the total contents of my purse, of which my identity is basically in  – literally.  Awesome.  I choose to be grateful for what I did not lose though.  My legs, my eyesight, my beloved family, my talent, my sense of humor.  So it’s all good.   Material things are replaceable.

Second )  Berets.  I have noticed over the past week or so that Berets are Everywhere on men.  I LOVE it.  So nice to see – it became so absurdly preponderant that I began to question why.  Why this trend??  I don’t think it is as simple as a fashion trend.  I think people are subconsciously reliving the 30’s – the time of the Great Depression.  Either that or Hope is Restored and they actually care of they look snazzy again.  It’s nice to see though.  I love a man in a beret.

Lastly but not leastly:  Michael, God Bless Him Moore.  I used to think the dude was annoying, even though I had never seen any of his films.  Then I went to see “Capitalism: A Love Story”.  Wow.  This man is doing God’s work.  He’s such a good dude and a ballsy/fearless one at that.  The perfect combination.  I Highly Highly Highly Recommend you go see it if you haven’t and tell everyone you know.  It’s a Masterpiece and so perfectly illuminates the beautiful revolution we are fortunate to be a part of right now.

God Bless.


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