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Last night I went to the first class for the Suicide Crisis hotline.  I will be the first to admit that as I was walking there I began to marinate in self-pity around my situation (which I know is not constructive, but I was in that headspace nonetheless.)  I was thinking to myself,  “I bet no one else is going through what I’m going through.”   I had ample evidence all around me to support this belief.  There were people lugging shopping bags around, laughing over meals, and generally just enjoying life.  In a way, I felt as if they were all mocking me and scoffing, “Ha!  We have jobs and you have nothing.  Neener, neener, neener!”

This was my mindset going into class. You know, I always think that I’m soooo smart.  And then God gives me a big “Thwap” across the butt and then laughs and runs away.  So the teacher first asked us to count of f  ‘A,B,A,B.’  The girl sitting to my right, I’ll call her Kay, and I were paired up.  She was an A, I was a B.  He then asked the A’s to talk for 10 minutes about some problem they were having and the B’s were supposed to just listen and not say a word.  So she launches in with her problems:

“I have no money for food and nothing to eat, I’m starting to freak out about paying rent this month and it’s already the 19th.  And I know when things like this happen, somehow things always work out, I know that intellectually, but it’s still hard being in the ‘middle’ of the situation and not worrying when you don’t know where it’s going to come from. My 82 year old father always told me:  ‘I’ve been around for a long time and whenever something ‘bad’ seemed to happened it always worked out for the best.’  Not just some of the time but every single time.’   And I know this is true, so I’m just working on being positive and not beating myself up at where I am, because it won’t help.  I’ll still just be broke and beating myself up.  So I might as well be broke and trying to trust and manifest abundance.”

Wow.  This girl is taking all of my lines.  She could have been telling my story verbatim.  Isn’t it interesting how the universe places people before us to give each other strength and also as a mirror for us as soon as we start to wallow in our quagmire of self-pity?  That was really cool.

It also turned out as we started talking more that we were even more sympatico.  We are both leaning in the direction of the triad of “spirit/business/creativity” and adding our own female touch to it.  We were talking about how we think there is an amazing revolutionary movement going on, wherein everything we accepted and knew is being taken away from us and forcing us to look at who we really are and what we really want.   A good friend of mine once told me that it is within crises that artists and the creative types have the most opportunity – because it is they who can imagine a new paradigm.  And I absolutely believe we’re on the cusp of one right now.

The challenge is to have the courage to imagine something totally new; to let go of the status quo; to allow ourselves to imagine possibilities that aren’t immediately apparent right now; and of course, to trust.

I can think of no greater time – in the midst of all the corporate corruption, greed, egocentric business and overcontrol – to take this paradigm and flip it on its head.  What if we took this corruption and turned it into a standard of high integrity and unwavering truth in business, charity and philanthropy, other-centric business and letting go.  What if we brought a little bit of creativity, truth, light, fairness, democracy in our business organizations, and helping others.  The irony is, I believe that if we kept our business that clean, they would be more successful and they would help more people.  Imagine:  an organization that gives to people rather than taking. 

This was where my friend Kay’s head was and it’s where mine was as well.  What a perfect time to escape the corporate world and create one that was more in alignment with my soul.  One must needs only have the courage to break free of what we know and forge something new and something of value. 

No better a time.  No better a time.


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