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Happy National Oxymoron Day!!!

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Happy National Oxymoron Day!!!  I hope you all have very morose celebrations!

I’m just kidding – it’s not really National Oxymoron Day, but we have National Everything Else Day, so why not a National Oxymoron Day??

In the spirit of National Oxymoron Day, a day which has yet to be rightfully recognized and celebrated, I am going to share my own oxymorons.

Happy Monday

Interesting Accountant

Empathetic Terrorist

Narcissistic Saint

Loyal Philanderer

Sensitive Doctor (I’m kidding, there may be a shortage but there are definitely some of those around)

Anonymous Celebrity

Just War

Boring Court Jester

Infertile Rabbit

Passive Shark

Aggressive Geisha

Unpalatable Lasagna



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