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Fears vs. Letting Go

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cageHow different would the world be if everyone let go of their fears?  I can tell you – it would be a veritable utopia.  A friend of mine sent me an email with this quote which I wanted to share:

“The small man builds cages for everyone he sees, while the Sage, ducking his head, when the moon is low, drops keys all night long, for the beautiful, rowdy prisoners. “ – Hafiz        

I think about all the ways I conduct myself in my life where I am the small man and it wakes me up.  

“The small man builds cages for everyone he sees…”

Ok, I will be the first to admit that sometimes I drive people crazy by trying to cajole, or direct, or “help” with the best of intentions by controlling a situation.  Or what about the times we’re afraid of losing something, be it money, a lover, a possession, or a job…and we squeeze it so tightly as if our life depends on it that our squeezing actually makes it evaporate.  The tarot card that comes to mind is the 4 of pentacles which shows a man obsessed with his security, hoarding what he has and trying to keep it under his lock and key.  We all do this and it is fear-based.  Since love is the opposite of fear, and to clench tightly onto something is to fear losing it, then it would obviously follow that to let go of something is to love it to some degree.  Just as Gordon Sumner (Sting) said in his song If You Love Somebody

“….while the Sage, ducking his head, when the moon is low,”

I think this part is so important.  The Sage, the Court Jester, the Hermit…any of the wise archetypes of lore all have one thing in common.  They go under the radar.  They are wise, because they are doing good in the purest form of good there is, which is anonymous giving.  This type of giving does not serve the ego in any way, so it is therefore the purest and truest.  It is easy to do good things if we know people will find out about them – sometimes we almost only do good things because we know we will get admiration for the act.  By the same token, sometimes we do a good thing anonymously, and then feel gypped because no one found out about it and the person didn’t even seem grateful.  This is how we know that the giving is self-serving.  True giving should be a sacrifice.  A small example of this would be when a few days ago I wrote my brother a birthday poem – I was really moved by what I wrote, and was thinking about how close we were and how much I loved my brother and was proud of myself for what I wrote.  Shouldn’t that be enough?  No, I had to tell everyone here that I wrote a birthday poem for my brother and wanted people to know about it.  That was totally ego-directed as if to say, “Look what a great sister I am.”  Unnecessary.  All of us can check ourselves like that and question whether our giving is pure or actually is serving our ego somehow through our own ulterior motives.

“….drops keys all night long, for the beautiful, rowdy prisoners. “

The Sage is not in any way, shape or form afraid.  He is showing love to prisoners – to those that most would fear.  He is giving these prisoners the greatest gift.  His act is saying, “I believe in you.”  There was once a saying, “Believe a man to be great and he will become great.  Believe a man to be less than and he will become less than.”  This is the perfect analogy and very true.  How many times do we show fear through our actions expecting the very least out of someone?  How does that negative expectation affect them?  It brings their belief in self down as well, for they think, “If he doesn’t believe in me, then maybe I shouldn’t either.  I must not be worthy.”  This is all poppycock.  The wise thing is to have positive expectation, trust and no fear with Every single person we meet.  Even if they let us down, we have still grown ourselves by expanding our hearts. 

What the Sage, the Court Jester and the High Priestess all know is that Love Dissipates Fear, just as a lighted candle in a dark room will always triumph.  The darkness cannot cover up the light, no matter how hard it tries.

Such is the Sage who keeps his head low and spreads Love rather than Fear, with no agenda and neither wanting nor needing any recognition.


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