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Some People’s Kids!

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I was talking to my brother today about pleading stupidity to get out of trouble in certain cases when one is backed against a wall. If our legal system deems insanity a legitimate alibi, I see no reason stupidity can’t fall under the same umbrella.

Apparently, stupidity as a defense is a tactic often used by four and five year olds as well.  Today he was telling me stories about little kids who come into his office to get various objects removed from their ears: a piece of foil, a pea, a rock…. you know, the usual stuff.  Standard procedure. He’ll ask them if they know how they got that pea in their ear and they’ll say things like, “I don’t know.  Maybe I was born that way!” littleBoy

My personal favourite was the time he went in to extricate a rock from little Mikey’s ear and the conversation went something like this:

Brother:  “Did you put a rock in your ear?”

Little Mikey: “No.”

<<A few seconds later my brother pulls a small pebble out of Mikey’s ear.>>

Brother: “Are you sure you didn’t put a rock in your ear?”

Little Mikey: “Well, come to think of it…I was riding my bike and I rode over a twig and then I think I saw a stone fly up and go into my ear.”

Well, of course!  That explains it.  No matter how young or old, some things never change.  We just get more creative at covering our embarrassing foibles.

Some people’s kids.


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