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icebergEveryone has feelings of self-doubt, hopelessness and apathy – this often comes when we feel that we are moving in the right direction and “being good” but don’t necessarily see the fruits of our labors.  We become frustrated and impatient. One of the most empowering things we can do in moments like these is to inject certainty.  It is important to remember that no matter what we are striving for – be it a personal achievement, freedom from addiction, a particular relationship or career triumphs – we can’t always see that these things are on their way to us.  I am reminded of a conversation I had with my mother a few months back.  I had just gotten some seeds, potting soil and flowerpots and had just planted them, complaining to my mother that the germination time for full bloom was 3 months away.  I wanted to see the flowers in my windowsill yesterday.  She related to me a story where she had planted seeds in her garden (very miniscule seeds) and my dad had expressed some doubt that the seeds would actually bloom or grow.  “It’s hard to believe that those seeds are going to become a plant.” he said.  Not so much that he really believed they wouldn’t grow, but more from the standpoint of the whole process being so difficult to fathom as miraculous as it is.  My mother said, “Oh, they will.  Just you wait.” 

CertaintyI think we all have that uncertainty when we plant seeds in our lives.  We become impatient wondering when our seeds of effort will crystallize into something tangible.  It is a very encouraging fact that every act is a seed and will result in something.  If we plant positive seeds then those seeds will bloom into positive fruits.  We need to trust the universe is doing the work behind the seeds as we wait.   There is always work being done underneath the soil, even if we can’t see it.  So much of our life experience is only the tip of a glacier.  We see the tip of the glacier so we think that that is what is true.  The reality though is that there is a huge mass of ice underneath the water that we can’t see.  The trick when we have moments of frustration or impatience is to know that our experience is often an illusion.  There is a mass of ice under the water just as truly as there is a sprout that is going to break through the soil.

The challenge in life is to sit back and trust that the fruit of our labors will come from the seeds we planted.  The kabbalists approach to the splitting of the Red Sea was a lesson in injecting certainty.  Here you have the Israelites running from a bloodthirsty Egyptian army and the sea in front of them.  The Israelites are trapped and begin to blame Moses for beginning this whole crazy liberation crusade idea to begin with – faulty leadership.  So here they are with nowhere to go and they cry out to God asking him for a miracle.  If we pay close attention to his response, God says,  “Ma Titzak Eylai” – “Why are you crying out to me?”  The kabbalists teach that God was in essence saying that we each had the power to perform our miracles, simply through belief and injecting certainty.  The Israelites first blamed Moses, then they looked to God.  The next verse then reads, The next verse in the passage reads – “Veyisaoo”“Just walk right through!”  Though the story is allegorical, it was a lesson in injecting certainty.  It is said that as the Israelites walked straight into the sea with utter belief and certainty, the sea did not actually separate until the water had reached their nostrils at which point it gave way.  A true test of injecting certainty.  The same is true in life.  It is our belief and certainty which creates miracles.  This beautiful allegorical story reminds me of a parent raising a child to be independent, one of the most important things a parent can give a child.  Maybe a child is struggling to tie their shoe.  What does the parent do?  Does he lean down and tie it for him?  Or does he say, “Why are you looking at me?  You can tie the shoe yourself.”  God empowered the Israelites by teaching them to inject certainty.  Red Sea

It is during these moments of self-doubt that we need to remember that we have the power to transform any situation, no matter how impossible it seems.  And that planting seeds of doubt won’t bring us anything of value.  So these very times we are confused, doubtful, uncertain, apathetic and in disbelief – these are the real opponents.  We have the power to banish them and walk right through.  We have the power to inject the certainty that is required for the fruits of our labors to grow from the seeds of our actions.  Certainty and belief is the fertilizer we pour on the seeds of our actions to bear fruit.  Doubt and uncertainty are the unwanted pesticides that we must remove so that miracles can happen.  It is through practical knowledge and application of this formula that we reclaim lordship over our destinies and part our own Red Sea.


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