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I am going to review this movie tomorrow after seeing it, but I thought it would be interesting to “pre” view it before I “re” view it.  The main reason I am drawn to see it is because it is about rebellion and bucking the establishment and authority.  What is not to like about that?

The movie is a story about a group of kids who launched a radio station on the sea in response to when popular music only received an hour on the government-funded British radio stations.  The British government saw rock and roll as the Devil Incarnate, but if we dig deeper what was this obsessive resistance, really?  Was it a resistance to change, evolution, fear of a change that a new generation would bring?  Why the gripping to ways of old and the past?  Why was rock and roll deemed as a real threat during this time and place?  It still happens today as a war between generations, whether it’s rock and roll or kid-speak, roomy crotches on pants or politics.  There is still that gap of understanding and desire on the part of younger generations to forge their own path and buck the system. 

This movie should be a welcome drink of cool water to anyone who disdains authority.  More to come…..


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