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December 1

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For reasons unbeknownst to me my threshhold tolerance o’ meter is dangerously low today.  Rather than waxing on about the myriad things ruffling my feathers today, I decided to include a poll on your biggest pet peeves.

True, there are several annoyances that I forgot to include on the poll.  Namely when people say “punkin pie”, “supposably” and even something as innocuous as “hella good.”  Neither do I enjoy the long drawn-out “duuuuude” or when you make a statement of observation to someone and they concur by saying, “Right?”  

Disclaimer:  The aforementioned trifles annoy to greater or lesser degrees depending on what time of the month we are in.  Reactions can vary anywhere from eye-rolls to steamrolling.  Best to suss out current tolerance capacity before pushing any of the above buttons.  Test at your own risk.


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  1. I yielded to let a neighbor on the elevator before me, this morning. She told me to go ahead of her, because she couldn’t find her cell phone. Inside the elevator, she situated her handbag on the handrail and started rifling through, erratically. She found the phone, and was relieved. I said to her, “I think we should go back to life without cell phones.” She said. “We’d probably be better off.” I thought to myself, “No. We’d definitely be better off.” We’ll see if I ever get the courage to toss my iPhone. 😀 What would I do without Google Maps, though?


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