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Natural disasters  happen everywhere and oftentimes ruthlessly and totally unexpected, but to think about what has transpired in Haiti and is quickly dissolving into a catastrophe brings only one image to my mind.  An already sick and ailing puppy getting kicked. 

When things of this proportion and calamity happen, I tend to withdraw and internalize the pain way too much to be deemed high-functioning.  So watching videos of the destruction or mourning and panicked family members really does not work with my constitution, because I am there in it.  The only thing to do in such a situation is to give where it is most obviously needed.  And when the air clears and the sun comes out shining again and all is peaceful and still, may we remember those pockets that still struggle and provide resources to thrive and become self-sufficient and independent. 

There is no us and them, only he is me, she is me.  Below you will find  resource pages of appropriate and reputable charities by clicking on the links: 

Give.    Help.  

Text donations on your phone – takes two seconds: Red Cross: Text HAITI to 90999 ($10 donation)


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