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Sibling Exodus

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I have that vague feeling of discontent and low-grade funk after sending my brother off today to go back home to Indiana.  I know this feeling – it happens whenever I visit with my beloved and entertaining family and we have to disperse, it happens whenever I return home after being in New York, it happens at the end of a music festival or sometimes even a concert, and it sets in around the same time every Sunday when faced with the prospect of having to return to the world of work.  Some might say, “All good things must come to an end.”, yadda, yadda, yadda…but I refuse to accept that.  Being the idealist that I am, I’m more resigned to look at my discontent as a tool to point me towards solutions.  This way the discontent is not something I’m merely sitting in, but using as a precursor for eliminating as much general malaise as possible.

An example of malaise transformed into higher evolution and creation might be to move to NY, spend 1/2 time in NY, 1/2 with family in the Midwest, screw the 9-5 reality and eliminate anything that makes one break out in hives at the mere thought of going back, re-infiltrate the world of your first love.  Follow your heart and disown struggle.  All points worth thinking about.  It seems that life is much too short to settle for a life, existence or situation that you merely tolerate.  Find those things that enrich our lives and consciously seek out and invest in them.  Truly, how much do we have to give and share with the world if our frequency is vibrating so low we cannot be the best versions of ourselves? Who are we serving to be constantly moving against the grain of life?  This serves no one. On what planet is fighting the Source of peace and joy noble?   Joy is our birthright; watching any child for 10 minutes will illuminate this point.  Why must we tolerate situations, things, realities, places? Because we’ve been indoctrinated that life must be so?  I refuse to subscribe to that point of view — if we pay attention, everything can be a message.  Where we expand and are in joy we should chase more of the same, where we are energized and appreciated we should invest more in; where we are feeling exhausted, empty, disappointed or drained we should contract and redirect our course. 

To be an idealist is to believe that you are, in large part, responsible for life and are the ultimate creator of it.  The cynic throws up his hands and says, “Well, that’s just the way it is.” and subsequently disempowers himself to change anything, suffering in silence and willingly tying his hands behind his back.  Pardon me, but Living this way does not seem to be Living at all.  If we all have a spark of the divine in us and we are made in the image of G-d or the Creator, it is up to us to imagine and create the life that brings not only the most joy to ourselves, but also the most joy to others.  Every moment is an opportunity to change a reality and reaffirm our power to become the cause in every situation, rather than the effect.

“I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestioned ability of a man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor.”
     —Henry David Thoreau


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  1. Ew that late Sunday afternoon feeling, when part of lifes joy seems to be stripped away by the waking reality of a return to what is anticipated to be a mundane tomorrow. The end of an exciting adventure in return to the shire. ~I can certainly relate to the feeling, and to the desire to achieve a more sustained “state of excellence” if you will… This restlessness and longing for something more’ has been a strong factor in my life. On more than one occasion it has led me into a bit of trouble, but I think it could be used to propell me to greater things if not used to serve self. I have often thought that this appetite could be filled only when my life was being lived in accordance with its true purpose; perhaps in the form of a career which remarked who I was by allowing me to express my inmost ambitions. I figure(d)- then atleast my work, which is such a major part of life, would be pleasing. ~I pray that I’ve no regrets at lifes end due to “settling”. I hope the same for you.


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