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Avatar: “I See You”

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I finally saw Avatar with my brother when he visited this past weekend.  It was a state-altering hallucinogenic experience (minus the hallucinogens.)  It is clear that the rapid evolution of the collective consciousness is even reaching the Hollywood mainstream which is exciting to see.  The ideas appearing before us now, front and center, are the same ones that were only making peeps twenty years ago and being dismissed as New Age fluff or fringe.  It seems that these ideas have harvested and are now ripe for mass consumption.  The movie referenced healing circles, the awareness that everything is Energy and is connected, a shift towards the divinity in self over the surrogate mommy or daddy we have long-erected in organized religion’s priests and gurus, a higher respect for and relationship to the Earth as an intelligent living organism, and the symbolic messages go on and on. 

The Na’vi people (incidentally, “Navi” is Hebrew for prophet, or spokesperson) are highly evolved, peaceful beings living in symbiotic relationship to everything around them. Pounds of  words could be collected in dissecting the film’s messages. One could sit in awe of the home Cameron created for the Na’vis: a luminescent, mystical forest, perhaps a step up from Alice’s Wonderland. Tribute could be paid to the Na’vi’s use of telepathic communication with animals, or to their keen awareness of the signs and messages around them. One might even speculate that this reality seems to be the direction in which we are already heading: seeing coincidences all around us, sensing energies, not needing words as much as we suspected we might…

Still, for me, there was one line that  made  the future-people James Cameron created instantly convincing.  I thought this line was one of the greatest parts of the film and a clear mark of a spiritually- and highly-evolved people free of masks, ego and fear.  At one point, Neytiri said to Jake, “I see you.”  It made me stop and think, how often does this happen?  How often are we really seeing the person in front of us? And isn’t that all any of us want more than anything, to be seen in the full truth of who we are – at the soul level?  In fact, I even went so far as to wonder to myself afterwards:  How great would it be if we evolved to a place where we said “I see you” instead of “I love you.” 

What does this mean anyway when we say “I love this person.” or “I love fish.”?  Do you really love the fish?  Or do you love the way the fish affects your taste buds and how you feel full and satiated after eating it?  So you love what the fish gives you. If you truly loved the fish wouldn’t you have left it in the ocean to swim freely?  We have contaminated the word “love” with our own egoistic desires, requirements and conditions.  To truly see another person in their glorious and unique splendor does not seem to happen as often or easily as it should.  How often do we find ourselves feeling underappreciated by someone?  To be sure, how can someone truly appreciate us if they are not accurately seeing us at the soul level?  Impediments to sight can come in the form of filters, ego-driven facades, selfish desires, and fears – all of which are veils blocking the view of another’s Truth: or his own pure and unique essence.   To love and be loved, it seems we have decided, is the Holy Grail.  Who among us does not seek authentic versions of “The Grail” in our worldly affairs?   But one must be seen before he can be loved. 

The pain of not being fully seen or appreciated (or misunderstood) is sometimes too much to bear; conversely, when someone “gets'” us or sees the truth of who we are at a very deep, soul level… it is a huge relief.  It is a shame that such occurrences are all too rare.  If it were more common, there would not be so many lonely people in the world. The Na’vis have it right.  How can one be truly loved unless, and until, he is fully seen?  And isn’t being seen by another much more gratifying than being “loved”… if the prospect of being loved comes tainted with bargains, conditions, misperceptions, requirements, exploitation, binding, control, manipulation and implied expectations?  Maybe three or four generations down the road people will reserve “I see you” as the highest expression of love, using the words “I love you” a little more discriminately and judiciously.  I know one thing: I am sure that that fish sitting on my plate would prefer being “seen” in all of its glory, swimming about freely, than “loved” going down the hatchet as my feast.


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  1. Absolute Truth! Here here!

  2. Carrie you right on!! you rock!

  3. I ment your right on sorry still half a sleep.

  4. Elaine Avlakeotes

    Hi Carrie,
    I love your blog. My heart is always happier after I’ve read it and you always speak in such a way that I am enlivened just reading your words of wisdom.
    Keep it up, you’re awesome!
    Elaine Avlakeotes
    Austin Texas

  5. Wonderful insights; very real and accurate in my opinion as concerning persons deepest longings. Perhaps the popular expression “I feel you” is a marker on the way to the social awakening of “seeing” another. My only wonder in discussion is… if someone was to see me, would they still have a choice to love me?. Part of me says, in light of the text above, that if someone were able to see another, it would mean that they had rid themselves of the veils of impedance, such as the aforementioned ego-driven fades, selfish desires, and fears… In such an instance, I would be led to believe that someone relieved of these self interested qualities would only choose to love.? ~ Humourous yet thought provoking I found your referance to the fish. “If you love the fish, let him go, if he jumps on your plate…eat em’ and love it!”

  6. Thanks guys, very sweet. Joe, good question…you know, I don’t pretend to have all the answers, nor do I have a monopoly on the truth. I just try to put one foot in front of the other and keep pushing. I think that anytime the ego is stripped away (which is a false mask or anything self-serving) love/sharing or the soul remains and is automatically revealed, imho. But what do I know..this is only an opinion and my own understanding, not a stone tablet on some mount. If someone resonates with what I write that’s cool, I don’t have a personal attachment…it is there for anyone to accept or reject.

  7. Have you ever read any of James Redfield’s work?

  8. celestine prophecy? yes, i first became aware of him in college years ago…he and shakti gawain opened the door for many things to come

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