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Rainy Day Jukebox

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For those who are trying to avoid rain, hail, sleet, snow, floods and landslides, or for those wanting to turn up the volume to put somebody’s voice on Mute,  here are a few Bests.  Enjoy.

Song My Parents Must Have Named Me After

Best Flower Song

Best Talk-To-The-Hand-Cuz-The-Face-Ain’t-Listenin’-Song

Best Thing to Play Through Ceiling-High Speakers with Sub-Woofers

Cockiest Man Song

Best Pick Yourself Up Out of Your Funk Song

Best I Miss You Song

Best Anti-War Song in the Whole Wide World

Most Polite Blow-Off Song (The Manic Version for Those With Short Attention Spans)

Best Puppy Love Song

Best Love Song

Craziest Press Conference (The craziness starts around 2:01. Watch him trying not to laugh…priceless.)


Best Sh*t I Screwed Up Song

Classiest Break-Up Song

Best Entering the White Light Song

Best Song to Play While Your Plane is Taking Off…..or Not

Best Lullaby for a Little One


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  1. My Bests:

    Best Pick me up song: Into the Mystic – Van Morrison

    Best Love Song: At Last – Etta James

    Biggest Tear-jerker: I Loves You Porgy – Billy Holiday

    Best “I’m a good girl, HONEST!” song – Ain’t Misbehavin’ – Sara Vaughn

    Best pick-up song: To Be With You – Mr. Big

    Best “I’m better than you a$$holes anyway” song – Sweetheart Like You – Bob Dylan

    Best lullabye: Come Softly – The Fleetwoods

    Best Song: Ride of the Valkyrie – Wagner

    And finally, a list of artists that can always be relied on for good stuff:
    Johnny Rivers
    Madeline Peyroux
    Ray Charles


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