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Rose Marie (aka Indian Love Call)

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Back by popular demand, more Jeanette and Nelson.  Indian Love Call was the signature song from the 1936 movie, Rose Marie.  Rose Marie was filmed in Lake Tahoe.  And yes, that’s Jimmy Stewart at 1:02 playing Jeannette’s little brother in the film.   Ahem.  In the words of Borat: “Wa wa wee wa”  (Or in the words of my grandmother): “What a nice man that Jimmy Stewart is.”

Meh.  Nelson Eddy was ok, but I prefer the Big F’s…Frank (Sinatra) and Fred (Astaire.)  Nelson and Jeannette were yet another opiate for Americans during the depression; although they didn’t have to deal with rabid fans and paparazzi back then, they were still victims of excessive attention and public fascination (and dogged with rumors — Louis Mayer, the studio-head of MGM was apparently obsessed with Jeannette.)  I wonder how we ever got to the point where the masses feel they own entertainer’s souls along with every crumb of their private lives?  It’s a parasitic condition which hundreds of words could be spun on if I were interested at the moment, but I’m not. 

From “Top Hat”, 1935.  <<sigh>>  Golden.  


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  1. When I’m calling Yoooooooouuuuuuu…. Will you answer truuuuuuuuuuuueeeeee? Le Sigh. Tied as my favorite Jeanette & Nelson song with “Sweet mystery of life at last I’ve found thee….’Tis love and love alone I’ve waited foooooor!!!” from Naughty Marietta.

    Even a hardened feminist like me has to wax poetic.

  2. Re Nelson Eddy–True, there was no paparazi, as we know them today, but Nelson Eddy was mobbed at concerts all over the country during the 30s/ Police escorts were needed to get him in and out of concert halls. Fans would camp outside his hotel rooms and follow him cross country on his tours.
    BTW–all of Rose Marie was filmed in Tahoe, not Canada where today everyone assumes it was, even Canadians. Chris

  3. Teri – lol.

    Interesting…so the craziness was always there but today it’s being monetized. Some people’s kids..


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