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Larry David: The Only Redeeming Thing About TV

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So I was walking down the street minding my own business today when I saw this graffiti scrawled on a building….“TV is Gooder than Books.”  Ok, that’s a little funny you’ll have to admit. We have the fortune (or misfortune) of being born during a time when TV has been a relatively new presence (read: obsession) if you consider the historical timeline of man.  I suppose TV isn’t inherently evil but it comes pretty close and I refuse to be a victim as it sweeps out my brain and turns me into a vapid robot.

I have always been a voracious reader — to a fault.  Meaning I have endangered my life obliviously walking in front of speeding cars, because I was head down, engrossed in a book.  If I was not careful, I know TV could deliver a similarly terrible fate: that of turning me into a vegetable.  Several years ago, with the advent of Reality TV things became absolutely insane, so I got rid of it.  I thought there would be a giant void where Mr. TV used to sit, but I didn’t miss it at all.  I decided I couldn’t keep lowering the bar and if there wasn’t much meaningful, decent or funny in the whole TV experience, then I couldn’t afford the soul-sucking.  So years ago I decided to consciously choose what I allowed to enter my environment instead of letting a light box rape me of all creativity and brain cells. 

That said, Larry David is a worthwhile exception, which I get on DVD. So I will keep Larry and I’ll keep The History and Discovery channel…and maybe an occasional Anthony Bourdaine…but it’s not always there taunting me into zombieland which is nice.  Curb Your Enthusiasm is entirely improvised, so the actors have no script, just a plot and a result for each scene to guide them. 

Poor Larry.  He’s either exposing the idiocy of the world’s rules and social conventions or getting completely trampled upon and misunderstood. 

See Larry being annihilated:

See Larry argue with logic:

See Larry work his game:

See Larry walk into WW III unarmed:

See Larry teaching phone etiquette:

See Larry have a panic attack:

See Larry drive Cheryl crazy:

See Larry pontificate about religion:

See Larry use his bag of tricks:


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