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Tomorrow morning I will be going on a pilgrimmage to LA to visit friends and attend religious services.  People can say what they will about LA – the plasticity of it, the sleaze of the entertainment industry, or that it symbolizes some of what is the worst about US and its pop culture – and I understand.  But every city has a definitive energy that can be picked up on and I feel energized every time I head to La-La-Land.  I may be picking up on the artistic energy coming from many directions and hovering in this place of dreams and hunger.  New York, of course, is like an electric socket of the best and the brightest that is impossible to resist.  Las Vegas (at least for me) makes me physically nauseous.  But LA definitely has a special vibe about it which I will probably be able to write more about once I am reminded this weekend.  Griffith Park Observatory, Viceroy, The K Center, Chateau Marmont and Aroma Cafe…I will descend upon you soon with friends. 🙂 Not so jazzed about the whole flying thing though. What are you going to do.

Pod of dolphins in Sea of Cortez between Isla la Guardia and Bajia de Los Angeles.  So beautiful.


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  1. May your travels be safe, and free of harassment from Big Brother. Muuuuuah!


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