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Souls in Revolt

For the “lucky” few who are doing work 100% in alignment with their soul, there are millions more who have abandoned the call of their soul for myriad reasons. Some have false beliefs around honoring their voice (“I can’t because of money”, “I can’t because people depend on me”, “Doing what you love for your life’s work is not only selfish but unrealistic.”, “Work is struggle, therefore in order to have a sound ‘work ethic’ I must be struggling or suffering.”, “I must make myself like everybody else and fit into society’s mold of joyless work. Everyone else is droning on.  Who am I?”, “My gifts are not worth capital.”) Also, we are forgetting an important universal law.  What you want, wants you.  Whatever our desires and passions in life, the universe wants to see those fulfilled even more than we do.  We did not come here to suffer, be someone else, or quiet our soul’s yearnings.

All of these beliefs are false and limiting. What separates those in alignment with their purpose and those who aren’t?  A good dose of clarity, bravery in honoring the whispers of the soul’s voice, and often a denial of society’s dictates and proclamations about who we are and who we are supposed to be. These are the ingredients for such enlightenment.

The Holy Grail of life, instead of the Dead Sea Scrolls, letters from Mary Magdalene, or The Zohar, seems in an abstract way to be our journey on the path to hear and honor the reason our unique soul was put on this earth. To uncover the reason for our existence. It can often be a warrior’s path, because on the way to that Holy Grail, we are distracted by bandits with their own agendas who want to make us into someone we are not in order to better serve their purposes, bandits of fear and doubt, and bandits who will try to take us away from what we were set here to do, either because they did not have the courage to do so themselves. If we give these bandits along the way power and influence, we will surely self-destruct, thereby becoming less able to bring our particular brand of Light to the world. The reason so many people are suffering, droning on in meaningless existences or jobs they hate, rather than doing what they love, is that someone somewhere along the way sold them the idea that they couldn’t live a life that they loved – one that invigorated and energized them… and they bought it. So many people have lowered the bar on what they will accept in their daily existence. Are the select few who are in complete alignment with their soul’s voice just “lucky?” I don’t think so. “‘I”m lucky enough to be doing what I love.” some of them say. This luck of which they speak is not luck at all…but can be distilled into an certain formula:

Passion + Dedication to that Passion – Fear & False Beliefs (or Errors in Thinking) = Living in Alignment with Your Soul (or as some like to call it, Luck).

Some get it right away, some take 20 years to return to the path. But this must be the Holy Grail of which the sages speak. If you are living a life full of joy and bliss, then your cup is full and you have more to share and give. How is suffocating one’s voice and unique gifts helping anyone? Through your work, you are fulfilling your life’s mission, and thereby validating your existence for walking the planet, by doing exactly what you came here to do, detractors be damned.


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